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We support

We promote the rights of the child

EsF recognises and supports the capacity of each and every child to grow to their full potential.

We draw our inspiration and commitment from the work of Maria Montessori and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We recognise that many children suffer deprivation, discrimination and exclusion and as a consequence lack the opportunities to grow to their full potential.

Montessori for Social Impact

Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF) is a division of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and a unifying global network that connects a wide range of people, initiatives and ideas around the world that share the common purpose of supporting human development through the application of Montessori principles in different contexts, with an emphasis on building local capacity and sustainability. EsF falls under the Outreach pillar of AMI's Strategic Plan 2023-2028, which seeks to fulfil the commitment we all share to advocating for human rights and sustainable development--and in particular for children's rights related to education and development.

To read AMI's Strategic Plan 2023-2028, click here.

We support global initiatives

Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF) plays a pivotal role in connecting Montessori educators worldwide, fostering collaboration, and providing opportunities for collective support. By highlighting innovative and diverse initiatives that apply Montessori principles in various societal contexts, EsF inspires educators and showcases the vast and all-encompassing possibilities of Montessori education beyond the traditional classroom.

Through this global network of experts, EsF not only supports educational initiatives but also contributes to AMI's mission of advancing human development through holistic education.

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We organise events and assemblies

EsF organizes events and Assemblies to connect those who are working or interested in Montessori and child development.

We connect changemakers

Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF) serves as a dynamic platform that connects changemakers from around the world who are united in their commitment to promoting children's rights and advancing human development. Embracing diversity, EsF's global network brings together individuals from various countries, backgrounds, and fields of expertise who are working towards the application of Montessori principles to create a better world for children irrespective of race, religion, or belief.

EsF enhances capacity-building efforts by linking Montessori teachers, advocates, students, schools and organizations to communities, social entrepreneurs, local officials and policymakers. This interconnectedness improves the visibility and credibility of Montessori education, ultimately expanding its availability and accessibility to children worldwide.

EsF strengthens and broadens the network by preparing individuals to carry out the broader social mission of the Montessori movement primarily by deepening their understanding of the needs of humanity and the development of the child by revisiting Montessori principles and practices from the perspective of society at large.

EsF organizes events and Assemblies, fostering connections among individuals involved or interested in the fields of Montessori and child development. These gatherings serve as vital platforms for sharing knowledge, ideas, and experiences, collectively advancing the cause of Montessori education and shaping the future of child development worldwide.