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In 2019, EsF held its 7th Assembly in the city of Tepoztlán, Mexico, in collaboration with Montessori Mexico, an AMI affiliated society. The Assembly promoted the generation of a network of social projects that would encourage new initiatives and support their development and promotion, thus expanding Montessori throughout all social strata and places in Mexico.   

Thus, Horme emerges as a network of projects and social programs that seek to generate a social impact through the Montessori philosophy within the country, propagating, maintaining and promoting the rights of humanity based on this philosophy. We seek to connect and support social projects that allow us to witness a new humanity by connecting, supporting and promoting independence and sustainability, accompanying development processes. The range of these projects and their impact is wide and spreads through all the Mexican Republic. They all answer to different populations in different situations and using different tactics, from schools to workshops and alliances, these projects aim to help as many children and adults as possible, changing the mentality and lives of the people they work with. 

The main groups that are impacted through these projects are: 

  • Populations in vulnerable situations (poverty or violence) 
  • Inclusive education programs 
  • Indigenous communities 
  • Individuals deprived of liberty 
  • Expansion of Montessori in public education   

With 18 projects integrated in the network, Horme’s work has begun with monthly meetings in which its members gather to share experiences and create community, finding diverse means to connect and grow. We are planning these meetings not only as spaces in which they can share their work, but also to develop through different lectures on topics they have manifested as needs. For us, it is important not only that the projects are supported, but that they contribute to the network however they can, e.g., by having supporters give lectures or advising others on their areas of strength.   

Work in Penitentiaries 

In 2022 Origami Internal Life AC, a civil society organization that supports people deprived of their liberty who are inside the prison in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, was launched from the idea of helping children born in the Female Penitentiary. The current legislation allows the mothers to keep their children with them until the age of three, after which they must live with relatives, if this this is not possible, then the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF) finds the best place for them to live. 

With this in mind, Origami Internal Life, Montessori Mexico through Horme, and Baby CO joined forces to create a Montessori environment for these children. Two people (one outside teacher and one inmate) have completed the 0-3 Orientation Course, sponsored by the Stoppani Training Center, trainer Alejandra Rosas, and Eder Cuevas, Director of Montessori Mexico. This programme is about to be replicated in Chihuahua and Ciudad Juárez prisons. 

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