It was very surprising when, during her talk to us here at the EsF Assembly, Dr. Priyanut Dharmapiya said that the king of Thailand had been a Montessori student!  So I talked to her and some... Read more

It is a great pleasure for us to meet up again after almost ten years and to spend two weeks together exploring the future of Montessori in Thailand and around the world. 

In 2006 the... Read more

The Educateurs sans Frontières that gathered in Thailand this summer, came from 26 different countries. We spent two weeks getting inspiration from one another’s projects, and brainstorming on how... Read more

The Thai Montessori community has been diligently working since 2004 to promote Montessori education in Thailand with the support of AMI. Kannekar Butt, a Thai/Australian Montessori leader and... Read more