The Corner of Hope is a pilot initiative to show how Montessori Teacher Training and Schools can be delivered to the most vulnerable communities such as those in refugee, transit and IDP Camps. Its aim is self-reliance not dependence, community not school. Self ownership and control, dignity and self worth which all play an important role in overcoming the effects of trauma experienced by the inhabitants of the camps. It has the added advantage of building for the future and creating transferable skills that will accompany both adults and children wherever their final destination may be.

Project Objectives

  • Create a school for 520 children within the IDP Camp
  • Train 40 teachers with sufficient knowledge to work in other schools
  • Train 4 Mentors with the ability to duplicate the project
  • Provide shelter for the school with a wider community purpose
  • Feed the children and the teachers
  • Stimulate enterprise and impart knowledge in respect of the local manufacture of educational puzzles, uniforms, knit wear, furniture and bricks
  • Engage local community in all aspects of the process
  • Provide a model for government and NGO analysis
  • Seed similar projects in other IDP/Transit Camps
  • All building, organising, teaching to be done by the camp inhabitants with only a small amount of external expertise