The Thai Montessori community has been diligently working since 2004 to promote Montessori education in Thailand with the support of AMI. Kannekar Butt, a Thai/Australian Montessori leader and educator, has been instrumental in bringing AMI Montessori education to Thailand.

The Fifth Educateurs sans Frontières Assembly was held in Thailand in 2015, bringing many Montessorians from all around the world together. The Assembly participants had a chance to learn more about the innovative work in Thailand and visit some of the public schools in the Khon Kaen region.

Regular administrator workshops on the implementation of Montessori education have been held. National Montessori Conferences were held in 2010 and 2015. The evaluation of Thai Montessori schools by the government is ongoing. The outcomes, showing significant improvements in intellectual skills and language development, has supported the continual growth of Montessori education across the country.

Since 2006, AMI trainers from around the world have come to Thailand to support the work in Thai public schools across the country. Montessorians from all over the world, especially from Australia, continue to support the work in Thailand. Thai teachers travel to Australia and are supported to observe in Montessori classrooms and schools to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Montessori method.

Currently, there are over 300 AMI trained teachers at the primary level and 144 at the elementary level, working in schools across Thailand. The number of Montessori schools in Thailand has grown to 350 Schools with a 3-6 programme and 50 Schools that cover the elementary level as well. 

In September 2016, the first group of 30 experienced AMI teachers, school supervisors and administrators commenced the Professional Development/Training of Trainers Seminar Programme with Shannon Helfrich. This will be a crucial step to secure local AMI training in Thailand in the future. Additionally, the Thai community is working on translating Montessori's writings into the Thai language.

MAT, the Montessori Association of Thailand is pleased to offer Thai hospitality and support to volunteers who would like to further the work of AMI in Thailand. If you are interested in being part of the work in Thailand, please write to [email protected]