With help from volunteers, and donations from conscious individuals, the new Montessori teacher training campus to replace the one that was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake is coming together. We now have roofs up on the dormitories, bathrooms and teachers quarters. We also managed to scrape-up enough funds to buy some of the furniture and Montessori materials that we need. With more support we are hoping to be able to finish the center and begin training teachers.

In the meantime we continue to support the network of Montessori preschools that that are run by graduates of our training program, both in Haiti and Ivory Coast.

Despite the lack of a training center in Haiti, we managed to have two training programs in improvised conditions. The first promotion of 14 student teachers finished their training in a tent. The second promotion was held in a preschool in Liancourt. 14 trainees from this promotion have just finished their final exams.

If you have not done so as yet, It is not too late to get involved, with your help we can go a long way. Trained teachers are the key to quality education. Considering that less than 20% of teachers in Haiti are trained, the importance of a teacher training center cannot be taken lightly.