• Walling permits acquired from local municipality in January 2011
  • The walls and floors of phase one of the school incorporating eight classrooms and workshop completed - March 2011.   Finishing touches are in progress.  Walling and flooring in Phase Two incorporating a further four classrooms and a kitchen will commence when Phase One is completely ready. Windows and Doors have been fabricated and awaiting installation.
  • Roofing and walling for latrines completed - February 2011. Finishing touches are in progress.
  • Funding has been received for the refurbishment of the medical dispensary from AMI through donations to the Corner of Hope project.  Medical facility refurbishment started in Jan 2011.  An inspection has been done and a situational analysis is underway by the Ministry of Health.  Upon approval, the facility will be registered under the government programme and therefore be eligible for staffing and provision of drugs.
  • Materials for school uniforms have been tie and dyed by the trainee teachers with help from parents. They have been given to seamstresses in the camp for stitching.  137 uniforms are now ready.  Will be given to the parents once all completed.  The making of a second set of uniforms for the children is underway.
  • Lunch food programme started in January 2011.  Children now receive their usual high nutrient porridge as well as a balanced nutritious hot lunch.
  • Trainee teachers have completed their Practical Life and Sensorial Folders and have made the materials.  They are at present working on Math and Language materials
  • Teams participating in the roof building received their training certificates at a blessing ceremony in March 2011.