This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Corner of Hope. We would like to mark this milestone as an opportunity to look back on the last ten years.

The evolution of Corner of Hope deserves to be celebrated. The incredible work and dedication of everyone who has contributed to Corner of Hope is at the core of this success story. Corner of Hope has shown that Montessori education can be applied in contexts with limited resources. The Corner of Hope school brought perspective to displaced families, coming together to create better opportunities for their children, during highly challenging times. The first pioneer teachers from the community started their training in 2010 and most are working at Corner of Hope today, growing more confident in their work over the years and in turn mentoring the new teachers from the community. The schools have become the heart of their communities and the parents are dedicated to support Corner of Hope, including tie-dying the material for the new outfits for the children to wear to school each year. The children that have moved on from Corner of Hope continue to do well and continue to visit their Montessori schools frequently.

On this website created in celebration of 10 years Corner of Hope, we would like to share the stories of Corner of Hope and acknowledge the immense dedication and contribution of everyone involved.