Sustainability Statement

We commit to making choices and taking action that can be upheld both into the future and across space and generations, choices that take into account the interconnected nature of life. Thus, we can commit to continually investigate our beliefs, assumptions and attitudes in the light of supporting all humanity and all of life, and the geological systems of our planet. We expand the scope of our focus, from an individual basis to the community and to greater social systems up until the entire web of humanity, and to the local and global natural systems. We commit to taking responsibility for the effects of our actions. 

Our aim is to minimise the negative impact of our choices on others and the environment and to find ways of restoring any damage our actions cause to human and non-human beings and to the environment. We aim to construct our social systems as solid and flexible, able to adapt to changing needs and circumstances, all the while embracing values of respect and care for all life and for the environment. We will encourage education and understanding of our relationship within the universe. We seek ways of design and planning that marry with these values and prevail in our endeavour to create a lasting, healthy world.