When officials from The Telangana Minority Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS)* met Philip O’Brien and Lynne Lawrence, Uma Ramani (primary trainer), Helen Mohan Elias and Moiza... Read more

The school in New Canaan started the new term with 128 children. Parents and teachers got together to dye the cloth for uniforms during the holidays and new uniforms, sweaters and shoes were... Read more

The National Montessori Elementary training course concluded with Module 8 in April 2017. The module focused entirely on reviews, written and oral exams, albums and handmade materials assessment,... Read more

The Thai Montessori community has been diligently working since 2004 to promote Montessori education in Thailand with the support of AMI. Kannekar Butt, a Thai/Australian Montessori leader and... Read more

The massive Hurricane Matthew severely battered the Southern region of Haiti, leaving thousands of people homeless and hundreds dead. The number of deaths is likely to rise as the flood water... Read more

The school at New Canaan, Nakuru continues maintaining student numbers at around 100. The teachers are working on adding on more art activities like music, clay, and painting for the children.... Read more

The school at New Canaan, Nakuru has been maintaining steady student numbers at around 100. The classrooms have been named after fruits and have all been fitted with new doors. A snack corner has... Read more

The Educateurs sans Frontières that gathered in Thailand this summer, came from 26 different countries. We spent two weeks getting inspiration from one another’s projects, and brainstorming on how... Read more

It is a great pleasure for us to meet up again after almost ten years and to spend two weeks together exploring the future of Montessori in Thailand and around the world. 

In 2006 the... Read more

In May 2015, world leaders met for two days in Incheon, Korea at the 2015 World Education Forum at the invitation of UNESCO and six co-conveners: UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNHCR, UN Women) and the... Read more