The school is doing well. Maintenance issues such as the fence that needs a permanent solution, black roofs that needed to be painted white, shelving for the kitchen, and a broken water tap... Read more

Volunteer Sylvie-Anne Whiting braved the hot Haitian summer and donated one week of her time to help Haitian teachers make materials and plan activities for their schools. The week was part of a... Read more

Educateur Patricia Gwin is currently in Haiti where she is conducting a seminar over the course of three weekends, to introduce Montessori preschool teachers to the math materials used at the... Read more

775 children will already receive a higher quality of education this academic year. 31 teachers benefit from the teacher training facilities since it was inaugurated in December 2012. The group... Read more

The Corner of Hope school compound has now been fixed for drainage to ensure flooding and the accompanying muddiness does not occur during heavy downpours. This has been done by further digging... Read more

About one hundred children have attended school since the start of the school academic year, Jan 2013. There have been 36 new admissions. Relocation of families to two farmland areas called... Read more

On average, around 175 children have attended school for the past month. This compared to 187 in the prior months. The main reason for the slight drop in number is that the government has been... Read more

With help from volunteers, and donations from conscious individuals, the new Montessori teacher training campus to replace the one that was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake is coming together. We... Read more

  • One hundred and eighty eight children have settled into their second term of school. The school compound is a hive of
  • ... Read more

As Montessorians we understand how important education is for the development of society and preparing children for their roles in it. Without qualified teachers, children in Haiti would not have... Read more