Corner of Hope – New Canaan started Term 2 with 140 children in the Children’s House environments and 20... Read more

Throughout 2018, the Peter Hesse Foundation continued its work of training Montessori teachers, providing scholarships to individuals who will work as teachers for at-... Read more


The autumn term saw an increase in the number of children at the school at New Canaan: 140 in the Children... Read more

Last May, I arrived in Thailand at the beginning of the school year to support two elementary programmes, one in a rural public school with about 450 of over 1,000... Read more

The EsF Assembly, held at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch, South Africa, brought together a record number of 95 delegates from all parts of the globe. ... Read more

The school in New Canaan started the summer term with 133 children in the Children’s House and 9 in Elementary. More children will be ready to move into elementary in the autumn term by which time... Read more

Blue Heart

He was only halfway through the process. There were hundreds of little plastic beads that needed to be lined up according to a prescribed pattern, with the final step calling for a hot iron to run... Read more