The Coffee Bay team, Jennifer Moore, Dawn Brochenin, Xoliswa Bala and Nomonde Majongozi shared their story of how Montessori has expanded in the Eastern Cape. Dawn started Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori in 2010. The school’s modest beginnings took place in a small rondavel. Soon, word about the beautiful school and the happy children began to spread and a long waiting list appeared. Dawn undertook it to raise the money needed to expand the school, her efforts bringing in R900 000. A bigger school was built to accommodate more children. Jennifer trained seven local women who graduated in 2015. Dawn decided to take a sabbatical and moved to Hole in The Wall. There she was approached by families who asked her to start a school just like Ikhaya Labantwana. Ncinci One’s Montessori school was born in a rondavel in 2016. Soon the space had outgrown the children and more fundraising was needed to build a bigger premises. The school now accommodates 30 rural children who are provided with a holistic education. Xoliswa began teaching at Auburn House Montessori 25 years ago. She assists in helping to deliver training and discussions in her mother tongue, isiXhosa, partnering with Jennifer. She has discussions with parents, childminders and teachers in order to impart knowledge on how to better understand the young child. She believes in getting the message to parents that the home environment should be no different from the Montessori school environment. Nomonde was introduced to Montessori by her good friend Dawn, who then invited Nomonde to come and observe the school. Nomonde was surprised by the beautifully prepared environment and the happy children. She got on board with Dawn and together built up the school. Nomonde helps to build trust as she knows the parents in the community well and whilst she gives instruction in her mother tongue, isiXhosa, Dawn speaks in her mother tongue, English. Nomonde believes that Montessori is wherever you are and a beautiful environment can be created anywhere.