Neuroscientist Dr Adele Diamond gave the first presentation of the day. The theme was ‘Not Just Some of the Children, All of the Children'. Adele introduced the El Sistema music initiative. El Sistema is programme that comes together to make community and raise children up through music. Some children who do not do well academically, thrive once they are reached through music, having success at playing an instrument often results in overall well being and the children thrive. In impoverished communities, instruments are made out of recycled material. These instruments result in the Recycled Orchestra, the goal being to change the life of disadvantaged children. The Social/Youth Circus was brought to light, here children are given a chance to express themselves regardless of age, gender, body type, race, experience or skill, all are welcome with complete acceptance. Another initiative, QUATPROPS was demonstrated, juggler Craig Quat has introduced a program that makes juggling accessible to all. Moving the art of juggling from a vertical plain to a horizontal plane allows anyone to experience juggling which has many benefits overall, specifically when building neurological pathways. Adele then brought up Executive Functions. These functions are used for everything needed to pay attention and to focus. The three core executive functions that she spoke about were inhibitory control, working memory and cognitive flexibility. She discussed ways to strengthen and exercise these executive functions and what factors have negative effects on executive functions.