Lumin Education Family Therapist, Stan Ferguson gave the first presentation for the day, with the theme The Child in the Family. Stan opened his presentation with the statement that part of the prepared environment is the prepared person as we are in relation to the environment. Stan spoke about his involvement with the Lumin Bachman Lake Community School. The school hosts a majority of Hispanics. 90% of the families are economically challenged, 30% of which are below the poverty line. Out of 200 children, 160 are enrolled in the pregnancy to 3 years programme. This school understands the urgency of education and awareness within the first years of life. The pregnancy to 3 years programme focuses on starting young and involving parents. Parents are encouraged to enter a collaborative relationship with the school in raising the children. This has proven to have a positive effect on the support, investment and involvement that parents have with the school. The Early Years programme focuses on parent knowledge, training and weekly home visits for around 90 minutes with the trained adult and parents. Challenges facing this community are poverty, lack of documentation for migrants in the community and the real concern of being deported and the uncertainties of the repercussions that this may have on children and families. Stan concluded his presentation with an emotional reading from his book ‘What Parent’s Need to know About Children.’ Leaving the participants to comprehend the importance of trying to be the best listener that we can be. By listening to someone’s story, we take on part of their story. By listening in earnest to the migrant families that Stan has worked with, he continues to strive to offer the best support and help to parents and teachers, enabling parents to be teachers for their children during the first years.