Edwina Mulcahy gave a presentation focussing on the Ballymun Community book project. While volunteering for a literacy programme, Edwina was left deeply shocked by what she saw in disadvantaged schools. Her observation was that on the disadvantaged side of the city, children had no access to authors or books in their school programmes. On the other side of the city where the more advantaged where, these things were readily available. Edwina gave some background context on the Ballymun community, consisting of large counsel flats that people were at first keen to reside in but soon lost interest as they realised that there were no options available for them there. The residential area then deteriorated at a rapid pace, with children being lured into selling drugs at an early age. Edwina played a short video clip where the challenges that the underprivileged faced in the community were highlighted. Edwina started the book project, consisting of an anthology of children’s writings and illustrations. Every child that was a part of the book project contributed by writing or illustrating. The children received many educational benefits from the book project, including literacy development, leadership, generation of ideas and hidden talents being realised. On a more social level, the whole school was involved, including parents and guardians. Possibilities of receiving third level education became a reality to these children for the first time. Edwina is incredibly proud of what the boys have achieved and delights in sharing their successes with the world.