"Montessori's work can be applied...at any time, in any place...through public agencies...and be of incalculable help to parents, social workers, and family counselors...". This is the emphasis of the work being done by Montessorian Monica Smith and child psychiatrist John Erhart, M.D. to serve children with special needs. For information on how their work has greatly enriched the lives of children visit the website.

The Montessori Intervention Programmes fosters the integration of sound mental health beliefs with Montessori principles. The application of Montessori theory via the expertise of child psychiatry creates new, more effective approaches for children and their families who are affected by disorders of feeling, thinking and behavior.

Montessori Intervention Programmes' primary area of focus and expertise is enhancing self-development and well being of persons with emotional and developmental disabilities, particularly within the spectrum of Autism disorders.

They work with agencies that provide educational, vocational and therapeutic services to individuals with developmental disability and mental illness.

Their consulting services include customised programme design, curriculum development, training workshops, and presentations.


United States