Yoga or a nature walk are continuing as early morning options for EsF participants.  The official proceedings for the day began at 9am with Lynne Lawrence quoting Margaret Mead and sharing three Pearls from the previous day.  Phillip O’Brien then gave a presentation on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Phillip’s informative presentation included everything from dancing to debate.  He explained how the SDGs grew out of the Millenium Development Goals.  In the SDGs the word ‘sustainable’ has become significant.  Phillip also referred to a provocative publication issued by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) entitled ‘Trends Shaping Education 2016’.  The OECD questions the future of families, the future of the nation-state, and whether cities are the new countries.  A group discussion was held about aspects of this brave new world.  Lynne brought the focus back to the SDGs saying that it was important that the Montessori community links its work to these trends.  She challenged the participants to come up with linking statements by the last day of the Assembly.  

During the lunch break, The Child in Nature video was shown for interested participants.  After lunch, two presentations were given by Montessorians who documented the journey of their schools.  Parimela Rani Thipparthy outlined the challenge of developing a small rural school in the village of Gopalpet in Telangana state.  Monica Ferri spoke on the establishment of the Fundación Dejemos Huellas to support low-income children and the development of the Escuela Monte Carmelo in Quito Ecuador.  

Most participants then focused on the three workgroups to address essential values and principles, preparation of the Educateur, and the capturing of stories.  The Assembly came back together for comments and questions at the end.  Side activities available during the day included purchasing traditional Indian clothing, pearls and jewellery, purchasing Montessori books and Mehendi.