Anne Kelly's inspirational presentation on 'Creating Montessori environments: Changing the world of older people including those living with dementia' was received with a standing ovation. Participants were both moved and inspired as Anne described the world viewed from the perspective of someone living with dementia. The core of compassion in each person was deeply touched and Anne's work at the forefront of world's best practice was both applauded and affirmed. Creating Montessori environments in aged care services draws on multi disciplinary research. Maria Montessori's philosophy is the perfect mission statement for dementia care and the prepared environment provides opportunities that promote social confidence in residents. The supportive and caring  environment reassures residents and they are encouraged to care for others.

The first course in training 'Creating Montessori Environments for Aged Care' has been accredited in Australia and AMI has established the Montessori Advisory Group on Dementia and Ageing.

Anne Kelly has been working in collaboration with Dr Michelle Bourgeois, Gail Elliot and Jennifer Brush. This remarkable group of women, together, provide a beacon in the often dark world of Dementia, as their altruistic work is for the good of the world and in the spirit of Maria Montessori.