The morning started off with an introduction to the EsF team, followed by the participants breaking into groups of three where they were encouraged to get to know each other. After reconvening as a whole group, the next 90 minutes were spent with each participant being introduced by one another and everyone had a better sense of who they were spending the next two weeks with.

Participants then broke into smaller groups for a reading, after which a discussion was held where some pertinent questions were raised and statements were made. Each person left with much to ponder.  

The afternoon session began with Lynne giving an overview of the history of Educateurs sans Frontieres. She spoke about the Key Components of the assembly, which are to gain a deeper understanding of Montessori principles, preparation and putting these principles into practice. The three pillars of the AMI strategy, legacy, capacity and outreach were looked at with the idea of bringing Montessori to everyone and not just the select few. A reminder that the obvious borders are not the only frontiers educateurs face, but also the unseen frontiers of psychological and spiritual natures. Lynne concluded that the two questions we need to be asking is ‘who are you and what do you need?

Participants were invited to take part in a beading activity, which was followed by dinner before parting ways for the evening.