Assembly participants were privileged to visit 2 schools on Saturday. It was a privilege and a blessing to each person made even more impressive by students and teachers attending on a Saturday! The love and care of the environment with attention to perfection and beauty was evident for all to see. One school was visited by an elephant and the children rose as one to receive this gift with joy.

At Bang Wang Wa school one teacher was moved to tears by the visit, knowing that her school and their work is acknowledged and affirmed by EsF.  

Kannekar Butt described the current situation and education policy of the Thai government in relation to the Montessori movement in Thailand. The majority of Montessori schools are in Khon Kaen province and Montessori Association Thailand has provided training. Teachers have trained in their school holidays and the time now is one of consolidation.  

Bill Conway spoke of the challenges ahead and asked Assembly participants to think of ways to assist and to consider volunteering.

Kannekar Butt said that "sustainability makes you happy" and that wisdom and love provided by trained Montessori teachers underpins the movement in Thailand.