The Welcome Reception for the Fifth Educateurs sans Frontieres Assembly began at 6pm at the Aalankrita Resort in Hyderabad.  Guests were treated to a traditional Indian welcome with turmeric, rice, sandalwood and handmade garlands of fresh jasmine.  Once inside the venue, two groups of children performed traditional Indian dances. 

AMI President, Philip O’Brien and AMI Executive Director, Lynne Lawrence gave a speech.  Local dignitaries also spoke, including the Telangana State Education Official, who had grandchildren in a Montessori school.  A blind girl who had been transformed by education sang beautifully for guests, before the children led the singing of the Indian National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana.  

After the formalities, everyone joined together for dinner.  There are 62 participants in this Assembly, who come from all continents except Antarctica.