The final day began with a song offering from the Tanzanian and the Kenyan  participants. Participants then broke off into the last of the workshops or to go and make material for the Lynedoch Children’s House and Infant Community. The floor was opened to some of the participants to share their stories and projects with the rest of the participants. Maxine Swensson spoke about the work she is involved with in East Timor and gave an invitation to participants who would like to volunteer in the future. Valentina Vlacovich introduced the Assembly to her Farm in Sappada Italy where she runs a children’s summer camp. Sylvia Makram from Cairo, Egypt thanked the participants in her mother tongue, saying Shukran to everyone who has given her hope and strength. She asked participants to carry her in their prayers going forward. 

Groups spent some time reflecting on the questions that have been raised over the last two weeks. After discussing in groups, participants came together to give voice to their reflections. Topics raised were: Building a Montessori Community; Self Preparation; Literacy; Experience & Trauma, Human Solidarity; Impact; Culture and Preparing the Environment. Before breaking for lunch, Emily Steriti, from USA, Marfa in West Texas spoke about the injustice that some of her Spanish students faced  when they had to integrate into the English medium public school. She spoke of how the students were forbidden to speak in their mother tongue. Emily has worked to give her students a voice and a feeling of safety when in her environment. She says although the situation is dire at the moment, she will continue to be of servitude to her students. Emily asked everyone to keep her and her students in their thoughts.

After lunch, the working groups came together to provide feedback on the topics they have been working on over the last two weeks. These work groups were: A Guide to Engaging Communities; Communications & Messaging; Building Partnerships and a Statement on Sustainability.

Sr Rosella Malingumu, Jovitha Lyimo and Rose Kazwala spoke about their work in Tanzania.  Montessori has been present in Tanzania for 50 years and there are 5 training colleges. The government have started to work together and are implementing Montessori into every pre-school. Some of the challenges facing them are the mixed age groups, with government insisting that all children need to attend public school from the age of 5 years. 

Elodie Michaud shared the documentary she is working on titled Education for A New World. Elodie has a passion for Montessori and Journalism and has combined her two passions to create her documentary. Elodie also has plans to create a Montessori globe via a platform on the internet that can be accessed by every Montessorian around the world, her work will be helpful to NGO’s; teachers; the Montessori community and the general public. Elodie thanked everyone for making her dream a reality.

The closing reflections came from participants who shared what the assembly has been like for them, how being amongst so many people from so many parts of the world who have all been brought together through Montessori as well as their passion for humanity. Lynne Lawrence ended the session by thanking Indaba Montessori Institute, The Sustainability Institute and the wonderful catering team who have provided such amazing, creative and nutritious meals for us throughout the assembly.

The participants journeyed to the Labyrinth, hand in hand, where everyone walked the labyrinth in unity. Songs lead the way to a walk around the village.