The Montessori Study Centre, the AMI Training Centre in Nigeria, is committed to increasing access to Montessori education for under-resourced communities in Nigeria. The Centre organised an event in collaboration with AMI 3-6 trainer Cheryl Ferreira, for teachers from under-resourced communities in the Lagos state. The workshop titled The Montessori Perspective on Child Development gave an introduction to Montessori principles, to provide a new perspective on child development and education to teachers. Access was free for all participants and included lunch, a gift bag, and a book with information on Montessori principles compiled by Cheryl Ferreira. The workshop was made possible through the support of parents from the Lekki Montessori School, family and friends from the Montessori Study Centre team, Access Bank PLC and Cheryl Ferreira. 


The event generated a lot of interest and over 190 participants signed up. The participants were active teachers from under-resourced communities in the Lagos state: Makoko, Ajangbadi/Badagry, Shomolu, Bariga, Ijora Bahia, Orile and Iganmu. The audience included teacher of all ages, some as young as 16 years old. Several participants attended the event with their babies as they were so eager to join but had no one to look after their children. 

The reactions from the participants were very positive and the event was even covered as a news item in the national newspaper “This Day and Leadership”. It was a gratifying experience for everyone involved, and the team of the Montessori Study Centre and Cheryl Ferreira hope to organise many more of these sessions, introducing Montessori principles to increase access for under-resourced communities.