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Lynne Lawrence presented on the work of Educateurs sans Frontieres, early morning gathering at the
On International Happiness Day, we like to share a video from children in schools in Tanzania and Kenya:
The first AMI 0-3 course in Southern Africa will start on 7 August 2017. More info on Indaba Montessori Institute:…
110 years ago,the first Casa opened to serve the poor in Rome. Today,we continue to strive to reach more children w…
Interview with architect Herman Hertzberger on the design of school spaces and their use, inspired by :
Haiti devastated by . Read report from Peter Hesse Foundation on situation in Haiti here:
Corner of Hope featured as finalist
André Roberfroid: this endeavour means the acceptance of responsibility, the children count on you to fulfil your duty.
Andre Roberfroids closing address: humanity has potential for enlightened evolution called justice, education is best instrument
Anushree Gupte talks about MMUN and IYes, uniting youth to create a better world, make a difference together
Jacquie Maughan speaks about preservation of culture and language of indigenous communities in North America at
Megan Davies, programme lead of the Indaba Academy, speaks about community building in environments.
Louis-Georges Arsenault, UNICEF representative to India: Focus on education crucial for moving India forward
Michael Monteiro and his team capture in photos and videos. He also shares his work on empowering children.
Charo Alarcon speaks about the importance of parent education to support the development of the child, following at


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CREC training & University Hartford get $4.8 million from to create Bachelor's program.

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RT : What do you think of “forest kindergartens," where children are allowed to be out of eyesight of their caretakers?

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AMI/USA followers, please do not click on the link in the previous tweet (which is now deleted). We are taking steps to protect our account

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Still waiting for our owls from Hogwarts, but we'll be in Greenville July 9-14 for our summer conference.


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