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29 Apr 17
Corner of Hope Elementary Module 8 and Graduation
Mini Ravi

The National Montessori Elementary training course concluded with Module 8 in April 2017. The module focused entirely on reviews, written and oral exams, albums and handmade materials assessment, closing administration, follow-up mentorship programme planning and the graduation ceremony.

The elementary exams are very intensive and we had to arrange for a larger team to be present to... Read more.

14 Mar 17
Thailand Update March 2017
Pam Staton

The Thai Montessori community has been diligently working since 2004 to promote Montessori education in Thailand with the support of AMI. Kannekar Butt, a Thai/Australian Montessori leader and educator, has been instrumental in bringing AMI Montessori education to Thailand.

The Fifth Educateurs sans Frontières Assembly was held in Thailand in 2015, bringing many Montessorians from all... Read more.

10 Oct 16
Haiti after the Hurricane

The massive Hurricane Matthew severely battered the Southern region of Haiti, leaving thousands of people homeless and hundreds dead. The number of deaths is likely to rise as the flood water subsides and emergency workers are able to assess the extent of damages. The heavy rains and strong winds ripped the roofs of many buildings and flooded roads and farms. Many areas remain cut off.... Read more.

01 Sep 16
Corner of Hope Update September 2016
Mini Ravi

The school at New Canaan, Nakuru continues maintaining student numbers at around 100. The teachers are working on adding on more art activities like music, clay, and painting for the children. They have also expressed an interest in organising annual school outings to explore the local area, starting with Lake Nakuru. Many children have not seen it, despite living so close to it.

The... Read more.

01 Apr 16
Corner of Hope Update March 2016
Mini Ravi

The school at New Canaan, Nakuru has been maintaining steady student numbers at around 100. The classrooms have been named after fruits and have all been fitted with new doors. A snack corner has been set up for the children for them to voluntarily come out of their classes when they are hungry or thirsty and sit down for a cup of porridge during the day. Also, two large water urns have been... Read more.

12 Oct 15
2015 Educateurs sans Frontières Assembly
Sandrine Mallet

The Educateurs sans Frontières that gathered in Thailand this summer, came from 26 different countries. We spent two weeks getting inspiration from one another’s projects, and brainstorming on how to allow Education for Peace to reach more people, because more than ever, peace must be built. It may have even become a prerequisite for the survival of humanity. Peace starts in people’s minds.... Read more.

09 Aug 15
Reunion: The First AMI Training Course in Thailand
Susan Stephenson

It is a great pleasure for us to meet up again after almost ten years and to spend two weeks together exploring the future of Montessori in Thailand and around the world. 

In 2006 the first AMI training in the history of Thailand began in Nakhon Pathom, home of the Phra Pathom Chedi, one of the tallest pagodas in the world. I was in charge of one of the four practice environments... Read more.

09 Aug 15
2015 World Education Forum
Victoria Barrès

In May 2015, world leaders met for two days in Incheon, Korea at the 2015 World Education Forum at the invitation of UNESCO and six co-conveners: UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNHCR, UN Women) and the World Bank Group. The event was hosted by the Government of Korea. The forum's key themes related to the sustainable development goal #4 on education: ‘Equitable and inclusive quality education and... Read more.

08 Aug 15
Royal Support for Montessori
Susan Stephenson

It was very surprising when, during her talk to us here at the EsF Assembly, Dr. Priyanut Dharmapiya said that the king of Thailand had been a Montessori student!  So I talked to her and some of my Thai friends here and found out some very interesting information.

King Bhumibol was born in the USA when his father was attending Harvard. Later he attended a school in Switzerland that... Read more.

01 Apr 15
Corner of Hope May 2015
Mini Ravi

The number of children at the school in New Canaan continues to grow with 34 new children starting in 2015. There are now just over 100 children with two teachers per classroom. Two of these teachers are attending the Elementary course and will start the Elementary classroom when they complete the training. 

A visit in April this year showed that some maintenance work is required,... Read more.